NEW ITEM: We now have Massage Oils!!!

Richelle Scruggs

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You have been asking and now it's finally here...Massage Oils!  Is it your Anniversary, Birthday or are you looking for a great way to be pampered?  Maybe you are looking for a gift for the holidays...what better way to send a message then in a bottle!  The Massage Oil is carefully blended with Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil and a hint of Essential Oil for a light fragrance.  This light, non-greasy formula is excellent for lubricating the skin for easy gliding during your massage.  The Massage Oil is high in Vitamins A, D & E and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, not to...


Richelle Scruggs

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We want to know how you like your products.  We are interested in your feedback and will use all comments as a tool to improve our products in the future!

NEW Product - Vacuum Beads

Richelle Scruggs

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We now have Vacuum Beads!  This is a simple and effortless way of fragrancing your home while vacuuming your carpet.  The Vacuum Beads are in a perfect sized mesh sachet and are to be placed inside the bag or chamber of your vacuum.  As the vacuum warms and circulates air, the fragrance is distributed through the vent of your vacuum cleaner.  No need to shake carpet fresh on the floor or spray aerosol's for an aroma throughout your home, just add the Vacuum Bead sachets to your vacuum and enjoy the scent for weeks to come!  While the Vacuum Beads are designed to be...

Shop at our NEW location

Richelle Scruggs

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Shop with us at our New location located at the Farmshop Center, 113 Prairie Rd. Fairview, Tx 75069!  The entire product line is available at the store.  You will find our Body Butter and Whipped Brown Sugar Scrub on the shelf in the Health and Beauty department of the store.  The other products in the Body Collection, along with the Car Collection and Home Collection are on the Showroom floor table.   Shop with us today!