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Richelle Scruggs

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We now have Vacuum Beads!  This is a simple and effortless way of fragrancing your home while vacuuming your carpet.  The Vacuum Beads are in a perfect sized mesh sachet and are to be placed inside the bag or chamber of your vacuum.  As the vacuum warms and circulates air, the fragrance is distributed through the vent of your vacuum cleaner.  No need to shake carpet fresh on the floor or spray aerosol's for an aroma throughout your home, just add the Vacuum Bead sachets to your vacuum and enjoy the scent for weeks to come! 

While the Vacuum Beads are designed to be used in your vacuum, many customers have also put them in their cars, hung them in their closets for a clean, fresh scent and also put them in their dresser drawers!  You can use these beads to freshen up your kids room, eliminate pet orders or anywhere else you want a fresh scent. 

The Vacuum Beads come in a variety of scents:  Fresh Laundry, Good Morning, Autumn, Summertime, Lemon Drop and also Tuscany!  Stop by the store and smell them today! 

They also make great gifts, stocking stuffers and wedding/party favors! 


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  • I love the vacuum beads. My favorite scents are Lemon Fresh, Good Morning and Fresh Laundry. I have actually only used them once in my vacuum cleaner though. The bag they come in are really great for different uses. I mainly use them in my dirty clothes hamper, linen closet, bathroom in a basket on the shelf, under my armoire in my room and under my car seat. The scent isn’t too overpowering so you can use them virtually in any room. Great purchase and price!

    Lici M.

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