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Disinfectant Bombs

$ 7.00
Disinfectant Bombs

Our Disinfectant Bombs (formally known as Toilet Bombs) are 3-in-1 dissolving tablets that will help eliminate odor, kill bacteria and cleanse the inside of your toilet bowl and garbage disposal.  It is recommended to clean the toilet and also clear the garbage disposal prior to using the Disinfectant Bombs.  Helps breakdown debris and declutter your drain lines and septic system as well.

Here's how they work:

For the toilet - Drop a bomb in the water and allow it to fizz and dissolve.  You can flush if desired but is not required.  Use after each visitor by adding a bomb in the water, leaving the bowl fresh and sanitized.  Walk away with confidence, knowing the restroom is ready for the next person.   

For the garbage disposal - Be sure to clear all leftover food from inside the disposal.  Drop a Bomb in the disposal and run the water to allow the Bomb to dissolve and disinfect.  No need to turn the garbage disposal on to grind.

Comes in 2 scents:  Lemon and Odor Eliminator

WARNING: Not to be consumed.  Please keep out the reach of children and pets.


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