About Us


     My name is Richelle Scruggs-Dail, the Founder and CEO of The Original Scent Shoppe!  First, I want to thank you for taking the time in stopping by my online store.  It is because of you that we exist and continue to strive in making the best products in the market.  Secondly, I encourage you to shop with us and experience the products for yourself, keeping in mind, word of mouth and referrals speak volume for us and I cannot thank you enough for your support and business!

     The Original Scent Shoppe is a home-based business that was established October 2010.  Out of the kitchen of my own home, I make and provide all-natural scent and fragrance products for the Home, the Car and the Body.

     I started out with one product, the Body Butter, initially for myself, with had no intentions of turning it into a business!  I spent about a year turning potential customers away before taking my first order!  In my journey of becoming an entrepreneur, I began to set personal goals for this product, studying and experimenting with different ingredients and proportions.  I came up with 3 driving points for the Body Butter.  I wanted to simply...1. Create a truly all-natural product that was healthy for my skin, 2. Create my own unique fragrance, and 3. Make a long-lasting scent that will carry through-out the day!  As faith would have it, the demand for the Body Butter was there and the rest is history.  I accomplished my goals and adopted those same goals for my company, which I stand on today.  With the inspiration from my customers, I began bottling the Body Butter, along with every product in each collection.  The Body Butter remains the #1 selling product and I have YOU to thank for that!  

     Currently, there are carry 17 items in the product line and working to get these items in local retailers.  In the meantime, the online store is open 24/7, 365 a year at www.theoriginalscentshoppe.com, along with our independent consultants all over the USA!  You may even find our products in a few spa's and salons that are using the products on customers today!

     What sets us apart from our competitors is simple, we make and sell truly natural products that everyone can enjoy.  We pride ourselves on the value that we do not use any stabilizers, acids, alcohols or any other harmful chemicals.  My family and I use these very same products and I would not sell you, the customer, anything that I won't use myself.  As we carry some of the commonly known scents that we all know and love, we have also created unique fragrances that you will not find anywhere else, making us The Original Scent Shoppe!

     Thanks again for visiting our online store and we hope you come back again!