The Mobile Scent Shoppe

The Original Scent Shoppe is going mobile!!  My goal is to open my very first Mobile Scent Shoppe this coming Spring 2017!

With your help, I will be able to open my very first Mobile Scent Shoppe and travel to various trade shows, corporate events and other amazing opportunities.  There's lots of work to be done such as obtaining proper licensing and permits, along with the purchase of a van, getting it customized, gutted out and reconstructed with wall unit display cases, counter tops and a prep area!  I will also provide licensed masseuse and Facial Technicians the space and opportunity to build clientele and sharpen/maintain skills.  There will be massage chairs and other necessary equipment on the van for the techs to use in providing their services.  This is only the beginning steps of ultimately opening storefronts across the U.S. and providing employment to individuals. 

Every dollar donated will go toward the Mobile Scent Shoppe.  No matter the size of the donation, every dollar counts.

You will receive a receipt for your donation and up-to-date information, including photos as we move along in the process!  I would love to have your support in making this dream possible.


Thank you so much and we'll see you on your local streets soon!