$ 20.00

Keep your feet looking and feeling great, everyday!  The Pedi-Bag can be used daily, between Pedicures or as needed!  The Pedi-Bag is a great gift for anyone, ie., Men, Woman and children!  Rejuvinate moisture in your feet with the Pedi-Bag, expecially great during the winter months when the skin suffers the most with dryness!

Pedi-Bags include:  1 Whipped Brown Sugar Scrub, 1 Pumice stone and 1 pair of footies


Apply the Whipped Brown Sugar Scrub to dry skin (the Brown Sugar will desolve if gets wet)

Scrub the desired area with the Pumice stone

Rinse with warm water

Pat dry

Slide your feet into the footies and let the healing begin!

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